Ashlawn School Flooring and Suspended Ceiling Installation

Ashlawn School Flooring and Suspended Ceiling Installation

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Customer: Ashlawn School
Type of Project: Vinyl Flooring Installation, Suspended Ceiling, & Carpet tiling
Location: Rugby
Date: Dec 2014

Having previously carried out a flooring refurbishment for Ashlawn School in Rugby, DJR were asked to come back in to carry out some further work comprising of; installation of vinyl flooring and a suspended ceiling in the corridor, and carpet tiles and a suspended ceiling installation in 5 classrooms.


Suspended Ceiling

With this project we were asked to install a suspended ceiling in both the corridor area of the school as well as the classrooms.

To begin with we set out the benchmarks in line with the design/layout drawings and then checked the ceiling module layout for inconsistencies. Next we had to check that the finished ceiling height was established, taking into account any existing installed services and checking the relative height of the ceiling.

Once the initial prep was complete we then began setting out the ceiling using string lines, with focus on establishing square reference lines along with the setting up of perimeter detail.

Structural soffit fixings were then positioned with hangers attached to the fixings and levelled.

Finally we installed the ceiling grid and panels.


Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiling was chosen as flooring in the classroom areas.

To prep for the carpet tile installation we began by removing the existing flooring and ensuring the sub-floor was prepped ready for the carpet tile. This included cleaning and levelling the floor area and ensuring it was free from contaminants which could affect bonding.

The areas were then coated with a tackifier and allowed to dry before tiles being fitted.


Vinyl Flooring

In addition to the suspended ceiling we were also asked to install vinyl flooring in the corridor area.

Once again to prep for the vinyl we removed all existing flooring materials ensuring the area was completely cleared . We then levelled the corridor area using latex to ensure a flat surface.

Using adhesive, we then adhered the chosen vinyl to the primed floor,  ensuring  joints between sheets were welded for a smooth finish.


The End Result

Each of the 5 classrooms took 1.5 days for suspended ceiling installation and 1 day per room for carpet tiling. The suspended ceiling installation then took 3 days for the corridor and 3 days for vinyl installation.

The total project had an 8 man team with 4 working on the suspended ceilings and 4 men on flooring.

The end result left Ashlawn School with a brand new, shining vinyl corridor, 5 new carpeted classrooms and suspended ceilings in both the corridor and classrooms great for their need for durability.



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