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Customer: Norland Managed Services
Type of Project: Flooring Repair
Location: LG Arena

Having worked with Norland Managed Services on a number of projects recently at different sites DJR Commercial Interiors was asked to take on work for a flooring Repair at the LG Arena where stiletto shoes were catching in the movement strips, damaging the carpet and causing a trip hazard.


Getting Started

To begin the project we began by cutting out and removing the pieces of existing carpet where joints had come away where the movement strips were.


Flooring Preparation

From there we proceeded to prepare the uncovered subfloors, removing any remaining adhesive and hoovering to ensure a clean base.


Carpet Installation

The fresh carpet which had been measured out prior to work starting was then fixed in place using adhesive.


The End Result

The project was completed in 2 days with 2 men working on it. After the repair LG Arena was left with new carpet where the movement strips were.


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Norland Managed Services Vinyl Flooring Installation Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:14:06 +0000 Summary

Customer: Norland Managed Services
Type of Project: Vinyl Flooring Installation
Location: NEC Birmingham

Having worked with Norland Managed Services on a moveable walls servicing project previously, they contacted us again about a project to complete several bathroom flooring refurbishments for them at the NEC Birmingham where the current vinyl flooring was looking a bit tired.


Getting Started

To begin the project we stripped the existing vinyl flooring using an 110v electric vinyl stripper ensuring the floor was completely cleared


From there we proceeded to prepare the subfloor, priming and levelling using a self-levelling laytex mix to ensure a strong base and flat surface for the new vinyl.


Vinyl Installation

The new vinyl was then bought in and stuck down with adhesive, the joints between sections welded together for a clean finish.


The End Result

The above  toilet was completed in 2 days with 4 men, the complete project with several toilets was completed in 7 days with 4 men working on it. The end result left the NEC Birmingham with some fresh new flooring in their toilets.


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Holiday Inn Glass Balustrade Installation Thu, 26 Mar 2015 11:56:25 +0000 Summary

Customer: Holiday Inn
Type of Project: Glass Balustrade Installations
Location: Nuneaton

Holiday Inn contacted us about getting some glass balustrading installed to segregate the dining area from the seating area in their Nuneaton hotel.


Getting Started

To prep the site our team ensured all the areas were clean and clear of any obstructions which could inhibit installation. The area had been measured previously before work commenced so the balustrading could be constructed to suit the site dimensions.


To ensure correct positioning, firstly each of the uprights were moved into position and the hole positions marked out before drilling the holes to fix in place on the timber within the opening. When moving the uprights into place a spirit level was used to ensure correct angles and no slants.


Glass Installation

Glass was installed between the uprights and secured in place using stainless steel glass clamps. A stainless steel top rail was then attached to the uprights and fixed to the columns at either end to ensure stability.


The End Result

The project took just 1 day with 2 men, the result was leaving Holiday Inn with a dividing wall and balustrading between their seating and dining area.


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]]> George Fischer Toilet Refurbishments and Carpet Installations Mon, 23 Feb 2015 15:00:26 +0000


Customer: George Fischer
Type of Project: 6 Ladies and Gents Toilet Refurbishments, Carpet Installation in Reception and 6 Stairways, and new nosing to staircases.
Location: Coventry
Date: January 2015

Bathroom Refurbishment

Needing a revamp, DJR were bought into George Fischer to give their toilets a new lease of life. To begin the project we removed the existing vinyl flooring and toilet fittings and left on the existing tiling as per the clients request.


Using adhesive, new tiles were placed over the existing with some tiles being cut to align into corners. The tiles were then all finished with a grey grout.


Once we had removed the existing vinyl flooring we went on to install ceramic flooring in the toilets.

As well as installing flooring and ceiling, the old sinks were removed and new vanity units installed, including semi-recessed sinks, vanity unit and cubicles which were all manufactured to the correct size prior to installation.


Carpet & Nosing Installation – Stairway & Carpet Installation- Reception

For the carpet installation in the stairway we began by removing the existing nosing from the stairs before cutting and installing new nosings to the staircases.


The existing carpet in the reception area and corridors was also removed, with new carpet tiles installed in the corridors and reception area using adhesive.

The End Result

With the flooring installations taking 3 days to complete with 4 fitters, and the 6 toilet refurbishments taking 5 weeks with 1 plumber, 3/4DJR fitters and 1 tiler. Following the 5 week long project George Fischer were left with brand new toilets, a new carpeted reception area, corridor and staircases.


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Ashlawn School Flooring and Suspended Ceiling Installation Tue, 20 Jan 2015 09:43:33 +0000 Summary

Customer: Ashlawn School
Type of Project: Vinyl Flooring Installation, Suspended Ceiling, & Carpet tiling
Location: Rugby
Date: Dec 2014

Having previously carried out a flooring refurbishment for Ashlawn School in Rugby, DJR were asked to come back in to carry out some further work comprising of; installation of vinyl flooring and a suspended ceiling in the corridor, and carpet tiles and a suspended ceiling installation in 5 classrooms.


Suspended Ceiling

With this project we were asked to install a suspended ceiling in both the corridor area of the school as well as the classrooms.

To begin with we set out the benchmarks in line with the design/layout drawings and then checked the ceiling module layout for inconsistencies. Next we had to check that the finished ceiling height was established, taking into account any existing installed services and checking the relative height of the ceiling.

Once the initial prep was complete we then began setting out the ceiling using string lines, with focus on establishing square reference lines along with the setting up of perimeter detail.

Structural soffit fixings were then positioned with hangers attached to the fixings and levelled.

Finally we installed the ceiling grid and panels.


Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet tiling was chosen as flooring in the classroom areas.

To prep for the carpet tile installation we began by removing the existing flooring and ensuring the sub-floor was prepped ready for the carpet tile. This included cleaning and levelling the floor area and ensuring it was free from contaminants which could affect bonding.

The areas were then coated with a tackifier and allowed to dry before tiles being fitted.


Vinyl Flooring

In addition to the suspended ceiling we were also asked to install vinyl flooring in the corridor area.

Once again to prep for the vinyl we removed all existing flooring materials ensuring the area was completely cleared . We then levelled the corridor area using latex to ensure a flat surface.

Using adhesive, we then adhered the chosen vinyl to the primed floor,  ensuring  joints between sheets were welded for a smooth finish.


The End Result

Each of the 5 classrooms took 1.5 days for suspended ceiling installation and 1 day per room for carpet tiling. The suspended ceiling installation then took 3 days for the corridor and 3 days for vinyl installation.

The total project had an 8 man team with 4 working on the suspended ceilings and 4 men on flooring.

The end result left Ashlawn School with a brand new, shining vinyl corridor, 5 new carpeted classrooms and suspended ceilings in both the corridor and classrooms great for their need for durability.



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Rise above the Rest with Mezzanine Flooring Solutions Thu, 27 Nov 2014 12:32:16 +0000 What is a mezzanine floor?

Mezzanine floors involve the installation of an extra floor or raised platform between your ground floor and upper floor/ceiling, much like a balcony.

In terms of mezzanine floor on offer here at DJR we use Revlok mezzanine floors which require no nuts and bolts to install instead using an interlocking system. which provides both reliability and strength in its construction.


What can a mezzanine floor offer your business?

• Space
The whole purpose of a mezzanine floor is to allow the extension of space within the existing area without much disruption by making use of unused headspace.


• Cost Effective
Mezzanine Flooring is ideal if you require more space to work but cannot afford to move premises, or pay to extend your area. instead the floor is installed within your existing space and can create up to double the workspace you already hold but at a marginal cost.

As well as this many mezzanine floors are flexible enough to be reinstalled in new premises if you ever do decide to move.

What can a mezzanine floor be used for?

Mezzanine floors tend to have two main uses, either employed separately or as a combination depending upon your business requirements and desired efficiency.

• Storage
Warehouses in particular tend to make use of mezzanine floors to provide additional storage space. These storage space look to make use of space from floor to ceiling rather than single level storage. Often warehouses have high ceilings so mezzanine flooring is the best way to utilise this space. As well as this as they are installed as platforms there remains space under your mezzanine for additional storage.

• Offices
As well as storage mezzanine flooring can allow the space for additional offices which can overlook the existing work area. This can help you to facilitate more staff without incurring additional costs.


How much will mezzanine flooring cost ?

If you’d like a quote for your mezzanine flooring project, please fill in the form on the contact us page and one of our team will be in touch to find out more about your requirements.

Norland Managed Services Moveable Walls Servicing Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:21:31 +0000  


Customer: Norland Managed Services
Type of project: Moveable wall servicing
Location: NEC Birmingham


The work carried out on a moveable wall doesn’t just end at the installation. In order to comply with Health and Safety Regulations a regular check/service of the partitions should take place. Not only does this ensure the partitions are working correctly and repairs can be made but it also lengthens the lifespan of your moveable walls.


Recently here at DJR we completed the service of 54 moveable walls for Norland Managed Services at NEC Birmingham as part of the health and safety requirements. The total service was carried out across the whole site, took 5 days and required 2 team members.


Moveable walls are made up of a lot of different parts which go together to create a smooth sliding partition. Over time these parts can become subjected to wear and tear, servicing is about identifying any wear and tear that is occuring, whether day to day damage which can be repaired or more substantial damage which requires replacement.

To carry out a service, a Maintenance/Service & inspection Compliance Sheet is completed for the clients records. This record breaks down the servicing process into sections:

• Tracks and Carriers:
Moveable walls run along a track when extended. A big part of the service, involves ensuring that the tracks & carriers)are clear, lubricated and aligned. Each part of the track is also checked for any damage or faults. This all goes together to ensure the panels can smoothly run out.

• Acoustic Wall Panels:
Checking the panels involves ensuring posts and fixings are level, assessing seals & panels for wear and tear and testing the system.

• Final Inspection:
Finally we demonstrate the system to show any problems were resolved and sign any log books where necessary.


If you would like to arrange a service of your moveable walls or partition systems, please contact us via our online form. Alternatively you can find out more about the services we have to offer in our partitioning section.

Direct Air Project Office Refurbishment Thu, 25 Sep 2014 11:06:36 +0000 Summary

Customer: Direct Air Project
Type of Project:  Counter and moveable walls installation.
Location: Coventry
Date:  August 2014

 DJR Interiors were employed to carry out a number of refurbishments at Direct Air in Coventry. We were asked to install a Ground floor trade counter and sales office. As well as fitting moveable walls the large office area, to allow the creation of two smaller meeting rooms on the first floor along with a managing directors office, and also the extending the server room.

Getting Started- Counter and Office Installation:

To begin the counter installation we created the counter frame using timber. Once the frame was created we then boarded it off using MDF and finished it with a worktop surface.



The offices we created using metal stud partitioning with windows, frames and doors.



Getting Started- Moveable Wall Installation:

For the moveable wall installation we began by removing the ceiling. Once the ceiling was removed we installed unistrut supports to take headtrack. We then installed the panels and finally re-installed the ceiling.

The End Result:

The overall project took 10 days and 6 men in our team.


Once the project was completed DJR Interiors had created a Ground Floor Sales Office and Trade Counter, An MD Office  on the First Floor and a new office space which can divide into two meeting rooms.


To find out more about our services , or to discuss a project big or small in Coventry or the surrounding area, please call us on 0800 043 7014 or alternatively you can get in touch via our contact us page.

ParentPay Office Refurbishment Wed, 20 Aug 2014 07:18:21 +0000 Summary

Customer: Parent Pay
Type of Project: Office Refurbishment
Location: Ricoh Arena Coventry
Date: July 2014



DJR were employed to refurbish a large office suite business environment within the Ricoh Arena (previously Yorkshire Bank) for client ParentPay/Ten Business Environment.

ParentPay had two existing sites within Coventry however were looking to centralise operations in one office.

Getting Started:

To begin with the existing offices had to be dismantled to create two open plan offices for the large dev and operation teams.


Once dismantled DJR provided a whole package refurbishment including air conditioning, electrics, data, access and security.


As well as building works the project included commercial interior services in flooring, decorating, suspended ceilings and glass partitioning in order to create a brand new, clean cut and fresh working environment in line with ParentPays branding.

The End Result:

Designed to accommodate the CEO, board room, various meeting rooms and 2 large open plan areas to cater for their dev and operations team, ParentPay was left with a new network of offices highly functional to their needs.


DJR Commercial Interiors delivered the job in the 4 weeks provided from start to finish with around 20 people working on the site.



To find out more about our services , or to discuss a project big or small in Coventry or the surrounding area, please call us on 0800 043 7014 or alternatively you can get in touch via our contact us page.

Jaguar Landrover Steel Partition Installation Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:31:02 +0000 Summary

Customer: Jaguar Landrover
Type of Project: Steel partition Installation
Location: Halewood, Liverpool
Date: June 2014


Jaguar Land Rover contacted us to dismantle their existing offices inside the factory to replace them with three separate rooms; a control/computer area, dirty room and a clean room which needed to accommodate a new vertical carousel.


The previous offices were too small to accommodate Jaguars needs due to the original layout.

Getting Started

We began the project by dismantling the existing offices.


Steel partitioning effectively works like a Meccano set so dismantling involved removing the skirting which hid the wireways, disconnecting the spring clip joints, cover channels and cleats to remove the steel panels.


We then began installing the steel partitioning which involved setting out, to ensure the layout was in line with Jaguars new room requirements, installing the ceiling and floor track for the panels, installing the panels along with wireway connections and finishing off with trims to cover wireways.

The End Result:

The project was completed on schedule lasting one day with a total of 4 in our team to complete the task.


As you can see Jaguar were left with a new aesthetically pleasing office including new room segmentation to make the best use of the space available.


To find out more about our services , or to discuss a project in Coventry or the surrounding area, please call us on 0800 043 7014 or alternatively you can get in touch via our contact us page.