Holiday Inn Glass Balustrade Installation

Holiday Inn Glass Balustrade Installation

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Customer: Holiday Inn
Type of Project: Glass Balustrade Installations
Location: Nuneaton

Holiday Inn contacted us about getting some glass balustrading installed to segregate the dining area from the seating area in their Nuneaton hotel.


Getting Started

To prep the site our team ensured all the areas were clean and clear of any obstructions which could inhibit installation. The area had been measured previously before work commenced so the balustrading could be constructed to suit the site dimensions.


To ensure correct positioning, firstly each of the uprights were moved into position and the hole positions marked out before drilling the holes to fix in place on the timber within the opening. When moving the uprights into place a spirit level was used to ensure correct angles and no slants.


Glass Installation

Glass was installed between the uprights and secured in place using stainless steel glass clamps. A stainless steel top rail was then attached to the uprights and fixed to the columns at either end to ensure stability.


The End Result

The project took just 1 day with 2 men, the result was leaving Holiday Inn with a dividing wall and balustrading between their seating and dining area.


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