Jaguar Landrover Steel Partition Installation

Jaguar Landrover Steel Partition Installation


Customer: Jaguar Landrover
Type of Project: Steel partition Installation
Location: Halewood, Liverpool
Date: June 2014


Jaguar Land Rover contacted us to dismantle their existing offices inside the factory to replace them with three separate rooms; a control/computer area, dirty room and a clean room which needed to accommodate a new vertical carousel.


The previous offices were too small to accommodate Jaguars needs due to the original layout.

Getting Started

We began the project by dismantling the existing offices.


Steel partitioning effectively works like a Meccano set so dismantling involved removing the skirting which hid the wireways, disconnecting the spring clip joints, cover channels and cleats to remove the steel panels.


We then began installing the steel partitioning which involved setting out, to ensure the layout was in line with Jaguars new room requirements, installing the ceiling and floor track for the panels, installing the panels along with wireway connections and finishing off with trims to cover wireways.

The End Result:

The project was completed on schedule lasting one day with a total of 4 in our team to complete the task.


As you can see Jaguar were left with a new aesthetically pleasing office including new room segmentation to make the best use of the space available.


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Dean Rabin