Norland Managed Services Moveable Walls Servicing

Norland Managed Services Moveable Walls Servicing



Customer: Norland Managed Services
Type of project: Moveable wall servicing
Location: NEC Birmingham


The work carried out on a moveable wall doesn’t just end at the installation. In order to comply with Health and Safety Regulations a regular check/service of the partitions should take place. Not only does this ensure the partitions are working correctly and repairs can be made but it also lengthens the lifespan of your moveable walls.


Recently here at DJR we completed the service of 54 moveable walls for Norland Managed Services at NEC Birmingham as part of the health and safety requirements. The total service was carried out across the whole site, took 5 days and required 2 team members.


Moveable walls are made up of a lot of different parts which go together to create a smooth sliding partition. Over time these parts can become subjected to wear and tear, servicing is about identifying any wear and tear that is occuring, whether day to day damage which can be repaired or more substantial damage which requires replacement.

To carry out a service, a Maintenance/Service & inspection Compliance Sheet is completed for the clients records. This record breaks down the servicing process into sections:

• Tracks and Carriers:
Moveable walls run along a track when extended. A big part of the service, involves ensuring that the tracks & carriers)are clear, lubricated and aligned. Each part of the track is also checked for any damage or faults. This all goes together to ensure the panels can smoothly run out.

• Acoustic Wall Panels:
Checking the panels involves ensuring posts and fixings are level, assessing seals & panels for wear and tear and testing the system.

• Final Inspection:
Finally we demonstrate the system to show any problems were resolved and sign any log books where necessary.


If you would like to arrange a service of your moveable walls or partition systems, please contact us via our online form. Alternatively you can find out more about the services we have to offer in our partitioning section.

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Dean Rabin