Moveable Walls

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Moveable walls are the flexible solution- turn your office into the multi-space environment you need.

Moveable walls, also known as sliding folding walls, operable walls or acoustic walls are a great solution if you have a space you wish to be more flexible to your day-to-day needs.

Commonly used in commercial environments, schools sporting venues and conference facilities, moveable walls can be used to divide and also increase space so maximising it’s use and allowing you to use your space the way you want.

Tailored to you, a dynamic range of folding and stacking options means your moveable wall is designed to give you the best use of your floor space. As well as this a variety of vinyl wallpapers, veneers, printed and melamine finishes means that you can have a moveable wall which integrated/styled into its surrounding environment.

With moveable walls you can explore better and more flexible opportunities for your space, choosing to split it into smaller spaces or open it up.

If you are looking for more freedom in the way you can break up and extend your space, contact DJR Commercial Interiors team for guidance on installing moveable walls into your space. Call us on 02476 659863.

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