Norland Managed Services Vinyl Flooring Installation

Norland Managed Services Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Customer: Norland Managed Services
Type of Project: Vinyl Flooring Installation
Location: NEC Birmingham

Having worked with Norland Managed Services on a moveable walls servicing project previously, they contacted us again about a project to complete several bathroom flooring refurbishments for them at the NEC Birmingham where the current vinyl flooring was looking a bit tired.


Getting Started

To begin the project we stripped the existing vinyl flooring using an 110v electric vinyl stripper ensuring the floor was completely cleared


From there we proceeded to prepare the subfloor, priming and levelling using a self-levelling laytex mix to ensure a strong base and flat surface for the new vinyl.


Vinyl Installation

The new vinyl was then bought in and stuck down with adhesive, the joints between sections welded together for a clean finish.


The End Result

The above  toilet was completed in 2 days with 4 men, the complete project with several toilets was completed in 7 days with 4 men working on it. The end result left the NEC Birmingham with some fresh new flooring in their toilets.


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